Sabarimala Development Project

Redevelopment of Pampa Area
+ Facility Centre – Construction of a pilgrim facility centre at Pamba
+ Bus Terminal and Resting Bay
+ Exit Bridge- construction of a new exit bridge to serve the new emergency road
+ STP – construction of a new sewage treatment plant at Pamba
+ Vehicle Parking facilities – improved/organized parking facilities
+ Hospital Complex – construction of a new hospital complex (for all the three streams of medicine) in the place of the existing facilities plus mini-ambulance facility
+ Emergency Road – construction of a new service road to facilitate movement of emergency vehicles
Trekking Routes
+ Rope Way – erection of material ropeway between Pampa and Sannidhanam – to ease cargo movement (for temple needs, commercial needs & construction purposes)- gradually eliminating head load/donkeys and reducing tractor movement
+ Two Queue Complexes – construction along the trekking path to hold the surging crowd and to provide way side facilities
+ Swami Ayyappan Road – widening to 5m and improvements (pavement/side protection/way side facilities etc.)
+ Health kiosks – installation of standard prefabricated modules of kiosks for emergency care – four numbers @ Rs. 3 lakhs/unit
+ Water kiosks – installation of ten water kiosks @ Rs. 3 lakhs/unit
Nilakkal Base Camp
+ Parking Yards- Reorganization of the vehicle parking facilities with pavement improvement and access roads with drains
+ Temples – Redevelopment of the two temples (Siva temple and Devi temple)
+ Water Supply Improvements -’OH’ Tank , construction of check dam and laying distribution lines
+ Water kiosks – 10 numbers @Rs. 3 lakhs/unit
+ Sabari Homes – construction of pilgrim facilities – Andhra/Karnataka/ TN/Kerala etc.
+ Hospital – a new fully equipped hospital infrastructure will be developed at Nilakkal – this may function in full scale during November to January and may be downscaled during the remaining months
+ Facility Centre – construction of a central facility centre – (for information centre, shoplets/ communication kiosks/food courts/lockers/etc.)
+ Construction of Electrical Sub Station (through KSEB)
+ Bus Shelter and Resting Bays – Construction of bus terminals (for long distance buses and for shuttle services separately) at Nilakkal
Sannidhanam Area
+ Valia Nadapandal – Reconstruction – adding one more floor and redevelopment with better facilities
+ Prasadam Complex – Construction of a new (modern) Appam – Aravana Complex with improved machinery
+ Food Court – construction of a new food court – grouping all restaurants & eating facilities – to provide hygienic environment
+ STPs – Construction of new sewage treatment plant and improvements to the existing small and big STPs
+ Kunnar Dam – Improvements to the catchment of area and intake works at the mini dam – and construction of filtering & storage tanks and laying pipes – to augment water supply to Sannidhanam
+ Sarana Sethu – Additional facilities to the new exit road and provision of road side facilities
+ Health kiosks – installation of three health kiosks (standard prefabricated modules) for emergency care at Sannidhanam
+ Bio mechanical compost plants – installation of three bio mechanical compost plants at different locations at Sannidhanam
+ Accommodation Controller – Computerised modern systems in the improved centralised accommodation controller’s office
+ Dormitory Halls – improved ‘viri pandals’ – 3 units of interconnected three storeyed buildings – Rs. 250 lakhs x 3
+ Annadana Halls – 3 numbers of annadana halls each of 500 sqm area – Rs. 100 lakhs x3
+ “Aazhi”- modernization of aazhi (ghee coconut burning pit)
+ LPG Storage & Gas line – providing LPG storage tanks at Sannidhanam and at Pamba and laying supply lines

  • Cost control and schedule
  • Quality management
  • Safety
  • Constructability
  • Startup and commissioning
  • Construction coordination
  • Field engineering
  • Contract management
  • Materials management
  • Labor relations